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It is our ambition to give these paintings a major role in modern cultural life.


Provides an ideal environment to host your corporate event

provides platforms for exhibitions, collections and experimentation in contemporary culture with a recent focus on artists and cultural producers from Indigenous


Provides an ideal environment to host your corporate event

Entertain your guests in our historic space adorned with contemporary artworks and enhance your event with refined catering and live music.

Art Restoration

Preserving it for the future.

A fine art restorer is responsible for repairing damages done to artwork such as paintings, murals, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, paper works, books, and other cultural objects or historical artifacts.



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Betzalel Cadena

Germán Betzalel Ortiz Cadena, was born on March 5, 1959 in Barichara, Santander Colombia. Painter, sculptor, stained glass and writer. He has exhibited his works around the world for over thirty years, exhibiting in New York and placing his works in collections in Europe, Asia and Latin America. His works that are born from the mixtures of lands that form figures that we see present in his paintings, that transmit a chaotic message..

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